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How to Promote your Business on TV and Radio for FREE

Business Opportunity 2018

Do you want to learn the secret to promoting your business on TV and radio for free?? If YES, here is a step by step guide to advertising on TV and radio FREE.
A good way to promote your business is through radio jingles and TV adverts; this is because millions of audience can be reached through this medium of advert. The major setback with radio and TV adverts is that the cost of placing an advert on radio or TV is on the high side, and a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs especially new starters cannot afford the high cost of placing these adverts.
The question now is whether there is a means entrepreneurs can leverage on to advertise their businesses without paying the high costs associated with radio and TV adverts? This article will focus on how to take advantage of radio and TV shows and programs to advertise your business for free.
How to Promote your Business on TV and Radio for FREE1. Choose a Program
The first step is to select a program or different set of programs; ..

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