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Diese Sind Der Top-500-Investoren und Organisationen, die Investitionen in afrikanische Unternehmen

Africa is full of amazing business opportunities.
But without capital, most businesses can’t get off the ground.
As a result, there are thousands of passionate people across Africa who give up on their business ideas and projects because they don’t have the financial means.
Lack of capital is one of the biggest threats to entrepreneurs across the world, especially in tough business environments like Africa.
In fact, most people say it’s hard – almost impossible – for entrepreneurs to raise capital on the continent, especially if you’re a startup.
They claim that nobody wants to invest in businesses in Africa.
Guess what?
It’s not entirely true.
And I have proof!
In this article, I explore a handful out of over 500 organisations, investment firms and private investors that invest millions of dollars in African businesses every year.
I also share examples of African businesses that each of them has invested in.
In my opinion, “lack of capital” is not the problem. The real prob..

Diese sind die größten Spieler in Afrika schnell wachsenden e-Commerce-Markt

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After scouring the store for a new pair of sneakers, Paballo Molahlehi finally lands on the one that catches her attention. She stares at it excitedly, swooning over the fresh pair of purple Reeboks. “It’s precisely the one I was looking for, I knew I was going to find it here” she nods as she adds the shoes to her shopping basket.
Thrilled with her latest addition to her growing sneaker collection, she navigates her way to the pay point. Molahlehi is doing all this while reclining comfortably on her couch, enjoying the convenience of online shopping. “I stopped going in-store after discovering online shopping. It makes more sense because my purchases get delivered to me for free, and I usually get discounts.”
Molahlehi is among Africa’s growing middle class who have money to spend and whose shopping habits have changed. With the surge of internet penetration on the continent, many Africans are easing into the..

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