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5 Innovative Ideas That Are Transforming Education in Africa

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We live in exciting times where our daily lives are dominated by innovation.
The education landscape is also gradually changing as new ideas, inventions, and new ways of teaching become the norm.
It’s worth noting that innovation does not only mean technology, but it encompasses any creative, new way of doing things. If it improves learning, processes and systems, or solves a real problem, then it is innovation.
We want to highlight some of the ways in which creativity has been applied to solve two particularly serious problems that have plagued education at all levels – primary, secondary and tertiary.
These two serious problems are: high and unaffordable fees; and lack of access to learning materials for pupils.
So, here are some of the most innovative ideas we found that are changing the way people learn in Africa, and transforming the continent’s education landscape.
Math meets Hip-Hop: Learning numbers with rap music
One of the biggest flaws in the educatio..

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