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11 Business Opportunities in Africa That Will Make More Millionaires in 2018

The term “millionaire” is taking on a new meaning in Africa.
It’s no longer just about the size of your bank account; any shady politician, corrupt bureaucrat, or unscrupulous businessman on the continent can easily claim to be a millionaire.
But Africa’s new and emerging generation of millionaires are not just excited about money. They’re also passionate about impact; they want to create value that touches and improves people’s lives.
It’s called impact entrepreneurship. It’s the new way of making money and doing good, at the same time.
It’s a model that is proving that profit and ambition do not always have to come at another’s expense.
Remember, the bulk of Africa’s “old school” millionaires made their money from resource extraction and sheer opportunism. Often, their wealth had to come at the expense of the common good and the natural environment.
But Africa’s new wave of entrepreneurs are showing no keen interest in the continent’s finite resources; its timber, gold, copp..

Cool Business Ideas: Water Edition

Many years ago, water technology stopped short of floats, boogie boards, and standard water goggles. Those days are long gone. Now, there’s a long list of varied, cutting-edge inventions that will make your weekend water getaways more like an adventure of a lifetime. And what better way to do that than to gather up some technology that enhances those summer days?
These inventions range in price from $30 to upwards of $50,000, so no matter your budget, there’s way for your to have fun with one of these gadgets. And they’re not just for adults: families with children can enjoy them, too. With these inventions, anyone can upgrade their summer experience. Whether you like being above the water on a boat or below the water on a submarine, there are endless options for water-lovers.
iGills SE-35 Smart Diving System
Professional underwater cameras easily run into the several thousands. An underwater lenses alone costs around $1,700. But for just $300, you can transform your iPhone in an un..

Growing Your Business Idea? Must-Have Habits Of Successful CEOs

Every day, there are cool new business ideas sprouting. From the ability to heat up food without fire to smart trash bins that sort rubbish automatically, inventive ideas are a dime a dozen. What really keeps the flame of a new idea going are the people behind it.
Each of the following CEOs or founders had an idea or forged a new path to success for a business. But once you’ve already seen some success, how do you continue to grow? Company leaders are always looking for different ways to explore opportunity. Here are some of the notable habits that have helped CEOs continue to grow their businesses:
Talk To Your Customers Yourself
When you’re just starting a new business, talking to your customers is inevitable. With just a few people on your staff, you’re the face of the business. But as businesses scale, founders and CEOs are pulled further and further from their core consumer. While there are plenty of reliable staff members and surveys to garner data on customers and better unde..

Tips For Making Your Business A Cool Place For Your Employees To Do Their Best Work

As a business owner, you probably feel highly uncomfortable if you occasionally overhear your employees complaining about the workplace. Even if you have a proverbial “thick skin” it’s difficult to develop a tolerance for this type of negativity. The good news is that it’s fairly easy to turn things around in your business. Instead of defending your pride and condemning your workers as “ingrates” or “slackers,” focus on changing the environment, making it a cool place for your employees to work in.
Why is improving the workplace important? Psychologists like Shawn Achor have accumulated plenty of scientific research to suggest that happy and positive employees play a huge role in the success of a business. In fact, they play a much larger role than you would ever imagine.
Here are a few ideas for making your workplace a more beautiful, enjoyable, and fun place.
Changing the Environment
1. Have a great, well-stocked break room
If you’re like most business owners, overwhelmed by ..

Why You Should Think About Building an Eco-Friendly Business

If you are starting a new business, it’s a good idea to strive to be as eco-friendly as possible. Often this is not as difficult, time-consuming, or expensive as you might assume.
You will be following in the footsteps of many well-established businesses that are making a concentrated effort to find ways to be more eco-friendly. They understand the value of conserving resources to improve the progress of civilization and planetary-wide survival.
3 Examples of Eco-friendly Businesses
Fortunately, despite the predatory business practices you often see exposed in the news media, there are many large, successful businesses that are quietly doing their part to make this a better world. Here are three examples:
Hewlett Packard: This computer maker and printer manufacturer has a program in place to recycle toner cartridges. A.J. Weller: This company provides makers (pre-manufactured) and users (after-market) of heavy machinery away to increase the life of some components. Wear blocks assi..

The Most Important Elements Of A Business

Establishing Solid Foundations
There are many diverse aspects of business ownership you’ll need to take into account for finest success. You can’t just start buying and selling, trading, providing products/services, or whatever else constitutes your business as simply as deciding to. Well, you can, but your success will take some severe perseverance if you approach it without preparation.

A business that pulls in enough to provide a living for staff and ownership is one that will deal with many hurdles. Taxes, regulations, competition, disasters, changes in the market, sabotage, and plain old accidents will make every day an adventure. But you can safeguard yourself against certain undesirable adventures if you’re strategic.
For one thing, you want to go into it with a business model in line. Where do you want to be in twenty years, and how will you get there? What are your periodic goals pertaining to the development of your operation? Do you have yearly, bi-yearly, monthly, and d..

4 Interesting Ways To Improve Your Business In A Down Economy

The past two years have been tough for some of Africa’s biggest economies.
Nigeria, South Africa and Angola, among others, have been hit with varying degrees of economic challenges, and have struggled to limp out of recessions.
Times have been really hard for both small and big businesses. Hard economic times affect customer demand, which affects sales. And the adverse foreign exchange situation has skyrocketed the cost of doing business.
But even in these hard times, it’s very easy for entrepreneurs to get caught up with blaming external factors for our business woes.
We say things like:
“The government is not creating an enabling environment for small businesses.”
“I don’t have access to credit.”,
“My business is not located in a prime spot.”
And if you’re in my country – Nigeria — you might say “I don’t have 24-hour power supply”.
Most entrepreneurs believe that their business fortunes will turn around if all these “external” factors could work in their favor.
The list ..

The Top Business and Investment Opportunities In Nigeria

Sponsored post
The past year has been one of economic progress for Nigeria, with Africa’s largest economy managing to crawl back into growth territory in the second quarter of 2017.
Often regarded as Africa’s sleeping giant, Nigeria has the potential to become one of the world’s most inspiring economic success stories given the size and scale of business and investment opportunities it presents.
The Nigerian government has realised that they need to make the country as attractive and lucrative as possible for offshore investors to bring their capital, skills and business trade into the country.
One way is to provide tax holidays to “pioneer companies,” who are engaged in the production of export goods, establishing new industries, or expanding production in vital sectors of the economy.
Pioneer companies that are eligible under the Industrial Development (Income Tax Relief) Act can enjoy an income “tax holiday” for a period of up to five years.
In addition, pioneer companies enjo..

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